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Golden Shield Sunrise, FL
About us


Welcome to Golden Shield Automotive, where our passion for cars and commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Our company, Golden Shield Ventures LLC, was founded by Kendall and Rohan, who have a combined experience of almost 40 years in the automotive industry. They started the business because of their love for cars and the satisfaction they get from a customer’s reaction upon seeing their vehicle in its best condition.

Top-Quality Ceramic Coating services In Sunrise FL
ceramic coating on a new truck in Sunrise, FL by Golden Shield Automotive


Our goal is to help preserve fine automobiles for future enjoyment while providing a stable lifestyle for our families. We specialize in all facets of detailing, including interior, engine, paint correction, PPF, ceramic coatings, window tinting and vinyl installation.

What sets us apart from other businesses is our customer-centered approach. We strive to fully understand the customer’s long-term needs and provide the necessary services to attain that. Our business thrives on repeat and loyal customers, so our relationship begins where most other businesses end, at the transaction. Additionally, we are one of the few shops that provide mobile aftercare for all our detail customers.